NHI Medical – World Renowned Hair Restoration Doctors

At NHI Medical, our motto is “Where compassionate care meets innovative technology.” We strive to provide an excellent experience for our patients and we are passionate about improving the hair loss and hair restoration industry.

The Many Face of NHI Medical

The doctors of NHI Medical have served over 100,000 happy patients and performed almost 20,000 surgeries over the history of the company since 1992.

The physicians at NHI Medical have revolutionized the tools and techniques used for SMP and Hair Transplants. They are skilled artists, innovators and published authors of articles and books including co-authoring Hair Loss For Dummies.

Dr. Jae Pak in Beverly Hills Magazine
Jae Pak, M.D. featured in Beverly Hills Magazine

Dr. Rassman and Dr. Pak have changed the way Hair Restoration treatments are performed internationally. Doctors come from around the world to train with them and patients travel from all over the US and the globe to have their procedures at NHI Medical. They set the standard of care for Scalp MicroPigmentation, Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation Hair Surgery.

Dr. Rassman Speaking to SMP Patient
William Rassman, M.D. speaking with an Actual SMP Patient.

Our staff is focused on providing the best patient experience so that you feel comfortable every step of the process.

NHI Medical Front Desk
At NHI Medical we’ll always try to make you feel welcome at our State of the Art offices.
Meet our Front Office Staff
Meet our Front Office Staff, who make sure you get all the information for scheduling a consultation.

The History of NHI Medical

In 1989, Dr. William Rassman entered the field of hair restoration surgery as an administrator for Bosley Medical Group. After hearing numerous complaints from hair transplant patients, he became acutely aware that there were inadequacies not only in the techniques being used, but also in the surgical judgments of the physicians performing them, as well as in the way they presented the procedure to their patients.

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