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Hair transplant surgery has grown in popularity over the past few decades as newer, more efficient methods have enabled surgeons to offer patients incredible, real-looking results. And the reason modern hair-transplant results look so real is that they are real! Hair restoration works by taking your real hair from a donor area part of your scalp and grafting it onto a balding area to encourage your natural hair to begin growing again.

Why Do People Get Hair Transplants?

A hair transplant is a process that uses hair from one part of your body and inserts them into the problematic area. People who undergo the transplantation process may have the following issues:

  • Baldness
  • Receding hairline
  • Hair thinning

People often try different remedies for hair problems. Although existing hair may improve, these methods seldom work if the follicle is dead. As a solution, people opt for hair transplantation.

How Can Hair Transplants Help You Look Better/ Feel Better/ Be More Confident?

Having or not having enough hair has a lot to do with appearances. While luscious and thick hair makes you look younger and more appealing, baldness and thinning may add years to your outlook. It is a known fact that a person who looks good has more confidence. Since hair plays a massive role in making the appearance attractive, hair loss can be a problem for many people. Not only do they lose confidence but also fear criticism by people. Persistence of these problems can lead to social anxiety and depression.

Hair transplants help you achieve the transformation you desire and gain confidence. It is everyone’s right to be beautiful! Isn’t it? Having a transplant from the best doctors like Dr. Pak from the NHI Medical is crucial if you want to regain confidence. With quality hair transplants, you appear younger, more beautiful, and charismatic. Lose the sadness and gain back the hair! Have a hair transplant to transform your life!

What Are the Two Types of Hair Transplants?

If you’ve made up your mind to get a hair transplant, make sure you’re aware of everything you need to know, including the procedures used for hair transplantation. There are two ways to perform a hair transplant:

  • Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) – A method that uses individual hair follicles from the donor site and incorporates them to the balding area
  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) – An NHI Medical pioneered a method that an excised unit of multiple hair follicles and inserts them into the recipient area

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a FUT Procedure?

Follicular Unit Transplant uses a strip of hair that is transplanted from a donor to a recipient site. After this type of procedure, it usually takes ten days before the scabs disappear from your head. The healing time may be quick if an expert performs the surgery. If you experience hair falling out, don’t worry! It is normal!

You can head out for work after a fewdays; but, make sure you don’t wear anything tight on your head. If you’re thinking, “Can you wear a hat after hair transplant?” It is advised not to wear anything that sits on the recipient area or that is tight! New hair strands usually start to grow after four months of the surgery and continue to thicken up with time. After a year, your hair will be much thicker, and you’ll be able to notice the difference. The FUT procedure leaves a linear scar along with your head. You can grow your hair longer to conceal it.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From an FUE Procedure?

Follicular Unit Excision method uses single hair follicles and inserts them into the required area. A scar is not usually formed in this minimally invasive procedure; however, little puncture marks remain from the extraction of hair follicles. These marks typically go unnoticed but need almost a week to heal fully.

Just like the FUT process, the hair in the transplanted follicles will fallout quickly but will grow again over time while getting thicker slowly. Some doctors also recommend keratin supplements for hair growth after a hair transplant. Enjoy the new hair and boost your confidence by getting a hair transplant from the NHI Medical!

Do You Have To Shave Your Head for a FUE Procedure?

It is not necessary to shave your head before an FUE transplant. Even if shaving is required, it is so in a tiny part. Besides, in FUE, the layering method can be used to cover the head’s shaved part. The longer hair on the sides fall over the shaved part, and you don’t have to feel uncomfortable. However, this method is suitable only for those who can leave the hair longer on the sides.

With the help of shaving, an expert can excise and relocate thousands of grafts in a single day. For more grafts, shaving in layers is not suitable, and one might need to shave the head completely. If you’re not willing to shave, shorter FUE sessions are the most ideal for you.

After You Shave Part of Your Head for Your Hair Transplant Procedure Can You Wear a Hat?

Most people frequently ask, “Can you wear a hat after hair transplant?” A simple answer would be No! It is not advisable to wear a tight hat right after a hair transplant. People ask about wearing a hat or not because they usually want to hide the scar from FUT or the shaven portion from the FUE method. Though going out in public like that can be uncomfortable, but the future rewards for this inconvenience are much more!

Wearing hats is usually prohibited because they pose a danger to the newly grafted hair. However, after a few daysl you can start using your loose-fitting  hats. The hair transplant procedure ensures you to gain confidence and look fabulous. Competent medical facilities like the NHI Medical strive to provide quality services to the people. If you want to get rid of the baldness and flaunt hair on your head, consult a physician now! If you have any queries like “Can u wear a hat after a hair transplant?”, don’t shy away from asking!