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Patient Experience

Model gets Hairline Lowering

Procedure by Jae Pak, M.D.

Woman's Hairline Lowering and Forehead Reduction by Dr Pak

See how an actual NHI Medical patient of Dr. Jae Pak received hairline restoration treatment and started to see results in only 5 months!

NHI Medical Patient Frederic Marq
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Patient Review
"I’ve always been insecure about my high forehead. As a teenager, I began wearing side parts with bangs to cover my forehead and to distract others from my hairline…Having my hairline lowered has given me a tremendous boost of confidence, in addition to enhancing my appearance!"

Before the Surgery

When you come to NHI Medical, you only consult with a doctor, not a salesperson. Our doctors Jae Pak, M.D. and William Rassman, M.D. address your needs, set real expectations and make sure you understand the procedure and feel the most comfortable. For this hairline lowering patient, she showed the doctors her main concerns.

Doctor Pak artistically drew a line to show where her hairline could be lowered.

This patient decided to proceed with Hairline Lowering Surgery because it doesn’t leave a scar on the hairline, is less invasive and can give a more oval, feminine looking hairline.

Our hairline lowering patient before the procedure.

During the Procedure

For a Hairline Lowering procedure, this patient would have to shave the bottom portion of her head.

Our medical technician preps for hairline lowering surgery.

During the procedure, our and staff and doctors will make sure you feel 100% comfortable.

Dr. Jae Pak works on hairline lowering patient.

After the Surgery

You can see immediately after the surgery what the procedure looks like.

Patient results 4 months later.
New Hair, New You!
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